Rainbow Club Casino in Henderson


Rainbow Club Casino

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RCC BOLV Awards 2023
RCC BOLV Awards 2023

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The Rainbow Club Casino Best of Las Vegas

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Latest Winners

Joseline P

Joseline P.

Miguel P

Miguel P.

Angela K. Grand Prog. $14,400.53 Lighting Link Checker Flag

Angela A.

Greg-G. $17,978

Greg G.

Michael G $2037.75 Royal Flush Prog

Michael G.

Joyce B 14000

Joyce B.


Enjoy great food at the award-winning Triple B Restaurant

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Use your reward points to dine at both locations

Emerald Island Grille


Every year is a GREAT year at the two Jewels of Henderson! In 2023 at the Emerald Island Casino and Rainbow Club Casino slot players won over $58,616,847.00 in hand pay jackpots alone PLUS over an additional $9,622,986.00 in every day REAL bonus cash promotions and dining comps! Celebrate 2024 with the hottest penny slots and our premium Emerald Island and Rainbow Club jacket giveaways on Monday, January 29th and Tuesday, January 30th!

Slot players had some spring in their step at the Rainbow Club Casino winning more than $1,664,396.00 in handpay jackpots PLUS more than $291,309.00 in every day real bonus cash promotions and dining comps in March alone! & Come out and play along with Hong Kong Slots and $lotFan$ Live! Tuesday, April 9th!


Triple B serves your favorites.

330 Slot Machines and a Winning Environment.

Rainbow Club Casino's reward card

The Most Rewarding Club in Henderson, NV.

Watch internet stars enjoy the Rainbow Club Casino!

Party with Hong Kong Slots


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What Our Guests Say!

Play, Win, Eat and Enjoy Water Street's Favorite Casino, The Rainbow Club Casino

122 S Water St
Henderson, NV 89015

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